Authors 4 Schools is not a booking agency. We don't charge any fees, either to the school or the author/illustrator. We are simply a platform to connect schools with authors and illustrators. We facilitate the process of your students meeting presenters with many years of experience inspiring and teaching young people about literature and writing.

So are there fees involved?

Yes. Presenters charge appearance fees. Authors and illustrators are professional people who earn their living by creating, and by sharing the knowledge and the skill they have spent years developing. Different presenters have different rates, so please discuss that directly with the presenter. Some presenters work through booking agencies, who may also add a small fee. The agency then manages the bookings for the presenters (we don't do that).

What student age groups are covered?

All grades from primary (elementary) school, through to high school. So ages ranging from 5 or 6, through to 17/18. Different presenters feel more comfortable talking to different age groups. Often it depends on the target audience for their books. Some presenters also have workshops and programs for adult writers.

Who are the authors and illustrators listed here?

All of the people listed on this site are experienced professionals, published authors and/or illustrators with a depth of experience presenting to students in schools. All are police-vetted and come with glowing testimonials from the schools they have visited.

There aren't many presenters listed on this site. Why is that?

For two reasons. Firstly we are very particular about who is allowed to list on this site. They must be a widely published author or illustrator and have a good track record of presenting to students in schools. But mostly it is because this site is brand new (as of December 2023). The number of presenters will grow over time as they are added.

How do I book a visit through this site?

Read through the bios and testimonials then contact the author/illustrator through their email, website or booking agent.