Brian Falkner


Languages: English, German

Brian is a multi award-winning international author and writing coach. He is a highly sought-after speaker in schools around Australia, the US and New Zealand. His infectious enthusiasm, humour and energy make every appearance a popular and memorable one.

He is the author of more than twenty novels for children and young adults, published in fifteen countries in seven languages.

His presentation is fun and entertaining, covering his journey to becoming an author and the stories behind some of his books, sprinkled with humour, drama and lots of tips for young writers.
Brian's internationally acclaimed writing course teaches students the skills they need to write like an author.

His range of workshops include:
General Story Workshop
Ideas, Planning and Outlining
Characters and Conflict
The Writing Framework
Keeping the Reader Hooked
Writing Historical Fiction


Brian provides practical writing strategies in his workshops for the students. He engages the students with humour and and has good management skills. Students loved his challenge at the end of the session for a free book if they could give him a language that he didn't know how to say "hello" in :)
Shearwater Steiner School, NSW - August, 2023

Brian Falkner's talk for Year 8 students is truly excellent. With his profound knowledge of literature and his engaging speaking style, Falkner delivers a lecture that captivates and educates young minds. His ability to connect with students on their level while introducing them to complex literary concepts is remarkable. Through his interactive and informative lecture, Falkner ignites a passion for reading, writing, and storytelling among Year 8 students. By blending entertainment and education, he creates an impactful learning experience that leaves a lasting impression. Brian Falkner's lecture for Year 8 is a testament to his dedication to fostering a love for literature and learning in young individuals.
Iona College - July, 2023

Brian was incredibly engaging. His material was well pitched for the age of students, and he balanced humour and insights wonderfully well. He was also a delight to work with.
Brisbane Grammar School - June 2023

Brian was outstanding. He is very knowledgeable, funny and entertaining. Students loved their experience and produced some great work.
Brisbane School of Distance Education - May 2023

I've never before seen the Year 6 students (particularly the boys), so engaged with any presenter.
Islamic College of Brisbane - September 2022